All aspects of running your business are vital -but to your workforce – getting paid correctly and on time goes a long way towards building confidence and commitment within their role.

Payroll is one of the key areas of your organisation.

All aspects of running your business are vital – but to your workforce, getting paid correctly and on time is crucial and goes a long way towards building confidence and commitment within their role. It goes without saying it is one of the areas of business you want to get right!

From keeping employees happy to dealing with HMRC, Stringer Mallard realise what a burden and worry payroll can be. Our highly experienced staff deal directly and closely with HMRC on a daily basis and have the knowledge of how best to approach queries from them. Then there’s keeping up to date with the ever changing PAYE legislation!

Payroll creates a level of anxiety for employers that we appreciate and understand. Every employer has individual needs, and when it comes to payroll at Stringer Mallard we cater on a personal basis. You are not just part of our ever growing payroll department, your needs stand alone; we work closely with you to ensure your payroll is calculated and issued to you in a timely manner, and in a way that is advantageous to you.

Outsourcing your payroll to us proves beneficial in many ways and as part of our bespoke service you can enjoy many benefits from simple explanations to how PAYE works if it completely new to you to assistance with the more complex areas of Auto Enrolment. Take the stress out of payroll by outsourcing to us today leaving you with time to concentrate on growing your business.

Depending on your situation, we can process payments at any frequency – including weekly, four-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. This includes distributing sealed security payslips or epayslips, overseeing electronic salary payments directly to employees and HMRC PAYE payments via BACS and calculating statutory payments such as maternity, paternity, adoption and sick pay.

Other payroll services available include:

  • End of year processing
  • Electronic end of year submissions to HMRC
  • Assistance with setting up tax-efficient child care schemes
  • Encrypted secure data transmission
  • Directors’ National Insurance
  • Preparation of P11D expenses and benefits end of year returns
  • Assisting with applications of P11D dispensations
  • Assisting with PAYE settlement agreements (PSAs)
  • Carrying out PAYE healthchecks

As part of our service, we can generate a variety of reports tailored to your requirements. These can assist with the control of staff costs and budgeting for the future. In addition, we can provide advice and assistance on payroll-related issues, such as third-party enquiries, holiday entitlement, setting up pensions and PAYE in real time (RTI).

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